EnderCast Episode #2 – Year of the Ender

EnderCast Episode #2 – Year of the Ender


December 29th, 2012


Contrary to what Kelly and I said about not recording a new episode until next year, we’re back with a new episode after having so much fun with our first. We recorded our second episode Year of the Ender on Friday night, December 28, 2012. Topics include:

  • Release date and discussion on Earth Afire
  • Release date and discussion on Ender’s World
  • Hi-res still (same Ender and Graff one) analysis
  • Predictions for 2013’s marketing campaign for the movie
  • Ender’s Game Merchandise We Hope We Never See

I must apologize ahead of time for a couple of things. First, my side of the audio has some pretty bad static because apparently I was hungry and thought it best to eat my microphone. Luckily it clears up later in the show. Second, while I was listening back I realized that I had a really bad case of the giggles for some reason. This doesn’t ever seem to clear up during the show.

There are several things you may want to refer to while listening to this episode, including this teaser for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which I mistakenly call “Harry Potter 5”.


The hi-res still we discuss can be found here.

When we discuss merchandise and have our little laugh about terrifying pieces of bedding with faces on them, you can check out this Peeta Mellark pillowcase to know what we mean. And despite Kelly saying there can’t be a big market for things like that, I feel the need to point out that there are only 10 of those left in stock.

We hope you enjoy Episode 2 and that you all have a happy and safe new year! As always, comments and feedback are welcome!