EnderCast Episode #3 – Third

EnderCast Episode #3 – Third


February 1st, 2013


Hey EnderCast listeners! We’re so sorry we were on such a long hiatus. After over a month break, we’re back with Episode 3 – Third! We recorded this podcast over the course of two days, stumbling over technical difficulties and then running out of time, but in the end we got it all done on January 31st. So technically we still did one in January…

Topics for the episode include:

  • Review of known movie changes
    • Major Anderson is a woman played by Viola Davis, is now school psychologist
    • Cut characters – Shen, Hot Soup, Crazy Tom, Rose the Nose, Carn Carby
    • Aging up of all kids
    • Dap being a “hard ass”
    • More girls in Battle School
    • Timeline condensed to one year
    • Battle School layout/look
  • San Diego Comic Con reminder
  • James Horner rumor
  • Reader question from Stephen Sywak

And most exciting of all we have the debut of our little Ender’s Game quiz show called Pop Quiz, Fart Eater! Our first contestant was Scott, who was happy to join us to talk Ender and test his knowledge. Tune in to find out how he did and then check out our new page here with Pop Quiz, Fart Eater standings.

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