EnderCast Episode #5 – The End of the World

EnderCast Episode #5 – The End of the World


March 2nd, 2013


All right, Launchies, we're back just a week later with another episode. We decided to call Episode 5 The End of the World since the Ender's Game fandom has been in flames, burning down to the ground, production on the movie canceled, our sites deleted…

I'm just kidding.

The topic for this episode focuses entirely on the current Orson Scott Card controversy that began anew with the DC Comics Superman anthology and quickly leaked over into the Ender's Game movie still release.

As you guys know, in the book Ender plays The Giant's Drink in his spare time and eventually gets to a point called The End of the World. We felt this made it a nicely fitting title for a topic that is metaphorically speaking, a door blocking Ender's way.

I’ll play with you later, Ender thought. At last he came to a door, with these words in glowing emeralds:


He did not hesitate. He opened the door and stepped through.

I apologize for my audio once again. I figured out the microphone issues I had the last time, which turned out to be really ridiculously stupid, but this time have a cold. So while it may sometimes sound like I'm getting so emotional that I'm moved to tears, sorry to disappoint, but I was merely losing my voice!

We hope you guys enjoy the episode despite the serious nature of the topic, even though Kelly and I still managed to find laughs in it. Those of you interested in reading the editorial we mention on EnderWiggin.net can read it here.