EnderCast Episode #10 – A New Weapon

EnderCast Episode #10 – A New Weapon


April 20th, 2013


We’re a week closer to the trailer now and tons and tons of people have seen it!

But not us. Boo!

Don’t worry, we don’t mope too much. We even give you guys a strategy for ensuring the trailer is amazing! Our episode title comes from a Graff quote in the trailer, when he says that humanity needs “a new weapon” against the Formics.

Topics for the week:

  • Happy Birthday Moises and Abigail
  • Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel – video here
  • Lionsgate presentation, Harrison’s quote
  • Harrison Ford doing a Q&A – video here
  • Trailer shown at CinemaCon, reactions from the web
  • Collider interview with Asa, scene with Petra

We finally got a new contestant for Pop Quiz, Fart Eater! We’ll play the results of that on next week’s podcast. If you’re ready to test your Ender’s Game knowledge, just let us know!