EnderCast Episode #11 – The Giant's Drink

EnderCast Episode #11 – The Giant's Drink


April 27th, 2013


Welcome to Episode #11 of EnderCast! For this week’s episode we talk about the various interviews Asa Butterfield did at CinemaCon and I flub and say Star Wars when I mean Star Trek. (you’ll know which part I mean)

Topics for the episode:

  • Here’s a link to the secret io9 video
  • Will the Mind Game be included in the movie?
  • Asa Butterfield says no Ender’s Shadow in the movie
  • IGN – Ender’s Game the “next Star Wars”?
  • 3 weeks away from Star Trek!!
  • Festival of Books – Orson Scott Card declares Speaker for the Dead unfilmable

We are also very proud to present our second guest for Pop Quiz, Fart Eater: Alison! Hooray! Will she prevail? Find out by listening to the episode!

You can view our Pop Quiz, Fart Eater standings here.

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