EnderCast Episode #12 – Ender's Teacher

EnderCast Episode #12 – Ender's Teacher


May 4th, 2013


Ho, launchies! Kelly and I recorded Episode 12 today called Ender’s Teacher.

Topics for the episode:

  • Trailer announcement for May 7
  • First look at Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham
  • Brief recap of our sheer terror over meeting Sir Ben just like in the photo
  • 10 second teaser breakdown

We had a guest on the show with us to talk teaser and to participate in Pop Quiz, Fart Eater. The lovely Jennifer Vela from Ender’s Game Fandom was gracious enough to join us. You can follow her on Twitter at @EndersSpeaker.

A couple of relevant images we discuss:





Coming soon to EnderCast, a new segment called Ask Jane! Send us your questions for Jane and we’ll see if we can reach out into the universe and find her!

The three of us will be participating in the Google+ Hangout this coming Tuesday, so be sure to RSVP here.

As always, we’d love to hear feedback on our podcast. Thanks for listening!


  1. reubenalack says:

    Haven’t listened yet, but wanted to point you to a funny little thing I noticed during the pre-teaser little thing with Asa and Harrison Ford. If you look closely, you can see Ford give a little smirk when Asa says “The Enemy’s Gate is Down.” I LOVE THAT. He knows that it’s cool/important. That little facial expression gave me confidence.

    Ok. Now to actually listen instead of rant. 😛

  2. reubenalack says:

    BTW guys, if you get a chance to ask a question of Gavin Hood, something I’ve been interested in is what drew him to EG. What scene/theme really made him say “I love this. I want to see this come to life.” I think that could be a cool place of discussion. 🙂

  3. reubenalack says:

    Hey– so the scene where the person jumps out and you see all those stars behind him, that HAS to be the scene where Bean does the line to get around the block of stars in front of the enemy’s gate.

    Also, in the still of the first person jumping through the gate, you can see near the top, OTHER PEOPLE GOING THROUGH THE GATE ON THE OTHER SIDE OMG. So cool.

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  6. Null-G says:

    You guys mentioned about the gravity in the hallway, but not in the battle-room. In the book Ender and Petra are talking about it before their first morning practice and they talk about bugger gravity and gravity manipulation. That is what I assume the movie is incorporating, the fact that we learned much about gravity manipulation and things from the buggers, not rotation as was thought.

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