EnderCast Episode #13 – Veni Vidi Vici

EnderCast Episode #13 – Veni Vidi Vici


May 11th, 2013


Hey Launchies! Kelly and I were all set to talk trailer but apparently our thirteenth episode was totally jinxed! We had so many audio problems and then to top things off my internet was really flaky which caused our Skype connection to flicker on and off.

We still managed to put together half an episode, so hopefully you guys enjoy that and come back for more next week! Topics we discussed included:

  • Big thank you to Summit!
  • A bit about our experience doing the Google+ Meet the Fleet Hangout
  • Our immediate trailer reactions and discussion about Asa’s accent, Mazer’s tattoos, and the “spoiler” ending

The vlog I mention at the end can be found here.


  1. Jason says:

    I have a response to the scene with the sun setting behind the Earth with the dramatic noise. I thought, “what if it isn’t the sun?” I think it might be the explosion of THE (to be intentionally vague) Formic ship.

  2. fanette says:

    another major comment nay-sayers made was that the trailer didn’t seem to be truthful to the book, that it looked like normal action / scifi fare, derivative and soulless. I got really angry at that, since those people not only derided the amazing visuals, they also drew conclusions from the trailer that you can never ever draw from any trailer concerning the respective movie. The trailer exists to draw in people who aren’t already fans, so to expect the first trailer to bring up the complex philosophy of the book really means that you don’t understand the concept of a trailer, right?

  3. fanette says:

    Oh, it’s a shame you had to cut it short. I wish you would have talked more about the trailer, like, maybe do a breakdown and discuss details. For instance, what does Ender’s look say in that scene with Valentine. To me, he looks pissed, but does he to you? Or, like, does the Dragon logo on the wall of the new Dragon Army quarters look red instead of orange to you, too? Oh well, here’s hoping that once the news die down you’ll return to the trailer. Please?