EnderCast Episode #14 – Ender's Shadow

EnderCast Episode #14 – Ender's Shadow


May 19th, 2013


It’s happened, Launchies! I read Ender’s Shadow! Kelly and I talk a bit about the book and also catch up on all the news for the week including:

  • Happy Birthday Gavin Hood
  • Ender’s Game trailer in theaters
  • Asa’s Reddit, new projects, and time for sequels
  • Autographed cards from Cryptozoic
  • Moises Arias’ Bonzo
  • Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci’s reaction to “The Card Question”

Kelly also has a Comic Con panic attack, so don’t miss it! (kidding)

My Weekly Ender #2 can be viewed here. Kelly’s Shoot Straight feature will start this coming week on Ender News.


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  2. Ian Miller says:

    A very nice discussion of the issue! Thanks for that.

  3. Kevin says:

    Ender didn’t know about Bean being the backup….soooo…
    maybe they never told Asa about other scenes that Aramis and Harrison Ford did 😀

  4. fanette says:

    You know what, guys? I think you should each take the PopQuiz Farteater! You could make the questions up for each other. Maybe if you guys didn’t do perfectly, it would help to make this less scary for your listeners.