EnderCast Episode #15 – Dragon

EnderCast Episode #15 – Dragon


May 24th, 2013


Happy Friday, Launchies! We did our episode a little early since it’s Memorial Day weekend. Kelly has some plans and I simply wanted to get up after 5:00 AM for once. We hope you enjoy today’s show. Topics for this week:

  • New image of Graff and Ender in his Dragon Army flash suit + paper clip
  • Discussion of the intelligence of the kids in Ender’s Game, thanks to an email from our listener Steve Peck
  • Review of the IF-Sentinel.com stories that we totally forgot to discuss earlier this month

A short list, but we managed to blubber about it for nearly 40 minutes. Even though we mistakenly thought we were talking for almost 50, it turns out we did a lot of pre-chatter, so don’t worry if you think part of the episode is missing!

Also, as you may have noticed that we changed the look of our website. You can now see our last five episodes, our upcoming special guests, and our most popular episodes on the home page. We also added our Pop Quiz, Fart Eater leaderboard to the sidebar.

We have a lot of people waiting in the wings ready to try out their skills in Pop Quiz, Fart Eater, but we’re still having scheduling problems getting people to come on! If you want to be added to our waitlist just email us at hosts @ endercast.com!

Thank you for listening and have a great and safe weekend!


  1. ausomejen says:

    I feel embarrassed but at the same time proud that I’m the only Fart Eater on the list. If the fart eater list doesn’t grow, I’ll be showing up one more time on EnderCast to take a wing at the quiz again. >_^

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  4. Steve says:

    I think I earned Fart Eater designation with my suggestions to talk about the super intelligent. We all know of the “gifted” children, but Ender and his siblings are far ahead of this, they are the children held back by physical limitations and don’t get their PhD’s until they are 12! Locke and Demosthenes advance because they can hide their physical appearance.

    Even most “Gifted” children are genius in only a few areas, music, math, etc. Those gifted in social sills, those with “charisma” who can build trust quickly, a rare trait, may not be gifted in other areas. We have often seen or heard of a child exceptionally gifted in one area, but when have you heard of a Ender, truly gifted in many areas. Even Bean who demonstrates gifts greater then Ender in some areas, like Intuition. Graff tells Bean, “You’re smart, but you’re naive.” Well he’s only seven. And we learn in Ender’s Shadow that Bean knows that only Ender can win, no matter what the adults think.

    Graff later states: “Because, by God, I’m the only person who understands exactly how brilliant you children actually are.” Graff is no dummy, he knows somethings better then anyone else, but still compared to Ender, he is naive.

    In First Meetings we learn of what happens to most gifted and super gifted when 5 year old John Paul tells us “What John Paul hated most was the way she kept teaching him things he already knew.” We learn later that his teacher (his mother) did not even know he could read and he could read at an adult level!

    Think about how many songs you could sing from memory, then watch a musical genius, Billy Joel or Paul McCartney preform for two hours, now how much more do they know. Bean tells us he would have scored higher if the test was harder.

    One in a billion genius!

    Knowing what we know now, in the movie there has to be a special IF school on earth. In the book, Ender at 6 would be in 1st or second grade, having attended school for 1-2 years. In the movie he is twelve, Ender could not spend 6 years is a public school and still come to battle school as a unique individual.

  5. fanette says:

    “replacement, not multiplication” – I think what it means is that they try to control population growth by “replacement”, i.e. parents being replaced by their children eventually (2 parents — 2 children), so that in the end population does not grow at all. Multiplication, on the other hand, would happen if parents had more than 2 children, so that the population would grow and eventually multiply over time. (Like, in x years the population would double/triple … .)

    As for the Hegemon, wasn’t that mentioned in Ender’s Game prior to Peter’s rise to the position? Maybe together with the Polemarch and the Strategos? I never questioned that there was a Hegemon before Peter, so I was really surprised that you were wondering about that. Maybe the Shoot Straight project will shed some light on this eventually.

  6. Alison says:

    The “towel trick” wouldn’t work. The flash suits and guns would probably work based upon trajectory and using an external computer, instead of having the flash suit itself have to sense for a certain light wave to know what part of the suit to freeze. The external computer would log the direction and time the trigger would held, then input that to the flash suit and freeze that part of the suit. This would take less than a second. The laser would simply indicate to the kids where they were shooting.