EnderCast Episode #15 – Dragon

EnderCast Episode #15 – Dragon


May 24th, 2013


Happy Friday, Launchies! We did our episode a little early since it’s Memorial Day weekend. Kelly has some plans and I simply wanted to get up after 5:00 AM for once. We hope you enjoy today’s show. Topics for this week:

  • New image of Graff and Ender in his Dragon Army flash suit + paper clip
  • Discussion of the intelligence of the kids in Ender’s Game, thanks to an email from our listener Steve Peck
  • Review of the IF-Sentinel.com stories that we totally forgot to discuss earlier this month

A short list, but we managed to blubber about it for nearly 40 minutes. Even though we mistakenly thought we were talking for almost 50, it turns out we did a lot of pre-chatter, so don’t worry if you think part of the episode is missing!

Also, as you may have noticed that we changed the look of our website. You can now see our last five episodes, our upcoming special guests, and our most popular episodes on the home page. We also added our Pop Quiz, Fart Eater leaderboard to the sidebar.

We have a lot of people waiting in the wings ready to try out their skills in Pop Quiz, Fart Eater, but we’re still having scheduling problems getting people to come on! If you want to be added to our waitlist just email us at hosts @ endercast.com!

Thank you for listening and have a great and safe weekend!