EnderCast Episode #16 – Earth Afire

EnderCast Episode #16 – Earth Afire


May 31st, 2013


Oh my goodness, is it really the 31st of May? When we hit June we’ll be just 5 months away from Ender’s Game!

This week on EnderCast, Kelly and I were really happy to welcome to our show special guest Aaron W. Johnston, co-author of the Ender’s Game prequel series The First Formic War. The first book, Earth Unaware, was released last year and the second book, Earth Afire, will be released next week Tuesday on June 4, 2013.

Topics we discussed with Aaron:

  • How collaboration works on books in general and how he and Card write these books together
  • Their decision to exit Mazer so early in book 1
  • Aaron’s personal take on movie Mazer’s tā moko tattoos
  • The various versions of the movie script, the long road to production, and the difficulty of film adaptations
  • Aaron’s thoughts on the production team for the movie
  • His reaction to the trailer (he also drops a little bomb on us about the movie!)
  • On why Speaker for the Dead is likely unfilmable

We must also applaud Mr. Johnson for bravely agreeing to take part in Pop Quiz, Fart Eater! Want to know how he did? Make sure you listen to find out! We’ll add him to our leaderboard next week.

A couple of relevant items to go along with the podcast include a link to an editorial I wrote last year that gives you an idea of why I have issues with The Hunger Games as a film adaptation and the following video of the University of Hawai`i team doing the haka before a game, which we briefly mention while discussing the origins of Mazer Rackham.

In case it’s not apparent from the video, even as someone watching from the stands, that really gets your blood running before a game!


  1. fanette says:

    Loved this one. I’m totally not jealous either. Nah, not a bit.

    You guys are wusses, though. He clearly got the first question wrong! (I think he didn’t hear the question correctly. I think he missed that you said “FIRST person”.) But then, he did get three answers, so I guess it’s sort of fair.

    Btw, I got four out of those five (all except Carn Carby), so if you promise to keep the questions at this level, I might consider taking your quiz! (I got zero out of five on the last one you did with Jennifer, though.)

    • Crystal says:

      Yeah, I think he didn’t hear it correctly either. But as you said, he’d have won even if we didn’t give him the half. lol

      If you’re available at around 11:30 ET tomorrow, we’re recording a few pop quizzes! 😀

      • fanette says:

        Oops, I was out all day and only just saw that. But contact me (e.g. via Email) if you do another recording session. Phew! Now I get to reread the book real quick. *runs to find her kindle*
        PS: I’m pretty much available most of the time, but I do live in Germany, so I guess not too late would be great.

  2. fanette says:

    PPS: How about tomorrow?

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  5. Wendy Clare says:

    That was genuinely fun to listen to…Aaron was a great guest, and I enjoyed everything he shared. I have to ask, though, what was the “little bomb” about the movie he dropped? Just that he’s seen the whole movie already? Honestly, that was the main hook that drew me into listening to the whole episode, and I kept waiting for an exciting revelation that didn’t really happen. 😛 Otherwise, great job, both of you! 🙂

  6. Wendy Clare says:

    Oh! And I got 4 out of 5 questions on the quiz right! (I missed the nickname one, of all things…) 😀