EnderCast Episode #17 – Rabbit Army

EnderCast Episode #17 – Rabbit Army


June 7th, 2013


Another week and miraculously, another episode of EnderCast! This week, we were very happy to have with us as a special guest, science fiction author Hugh Howey. I first read Wool last year when the book had a 5-star rating and around 400 reviews. Today the book is at 4.5 stars with over 5,500 reviews!

Hugh is a longtime Ender’s Game fan and came on to chat with us about the long wait for the movie and his hopes for his own book to film adaptation for Wool.

  • His fan background with the book
  • Other favorite science fiction books
  • On the parallel between him and OSC starting with a short story
  • Hopes and fears for the Wool movie and his thoughts on the movie changes

He also plays Pop Quiz, Fart Eater so find out how he does!

You can view the book trailer for Wool below and purchase the book here. Alternatively, you can download the original short story for free on Amazon.


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  2. fanette says:

    This guy sounds really cool. I still have no idea what his books are ultimately about, but he is such a fan and such an accessible person, I guess I’m gonna have to go and read Wool as soon as possible.

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