EnderCast Episode #18 – Graff

EnderCast Episode #18 – Graff


June 17th, 2013


Ho, launchies! This week we’ve got another special guest, this time it’s retired Air Force colonel Tom Ruby, who contributed the essay Ender on Leadership to Smart Pop Books’ anthology Ender’s World. Topics we discussed:

  • Tom’s fan background and how he knows Orson Scott Card
  • The adverse effect that a really bad movie can have on a book
  • Whether Battle School is a realistic possibility or is it too far into the realm of fiction
  • What he would do in Graff’s shoes
  • Effective ways to establish Ender’s leadership prowess in the movie

Be sure to check out this excerpt of Tom’s essay on Smart Pop Books and check out his site at www.bgcts.com.

Thanks to the colonel for chatting Ender’s Game with us! It was fun playing “Graff” with him for an hour!

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  2. Ian Miller says:

    Really great interview! Sounds like he had so much to say, and so many good ideas discussed. I loved all the Chesterton references!