EnderCast Episode #19 – Welcome to Fairyland

EnderCast Episode #19 – Welcome to Fairyland


June 25th, 2013


Wow, we’re at Episode 19, which means next week we’re going to be on Episode 20! Crazy town!

For this week’s (or rather, last week’s) episode, we had on two special guests. One was author and Ender’s World contributor Alethea Kontis. The other was Zac, who took part in Pop Quiz, Fart Eater. Topics we discussed with Alethea included:

  • Whether the mind game is important to the movie
  • The impact of parental figures on characters such as Peter
  • How her essay Mirror Mirror came about
  • Her experience at Orson Scott Card’s Literary Boot Camp

You can read an excerpt of Alethea’s essay Mirror Mirror at Smart Pop Books and visit her website at AletheaKontis.com.

Be sure to play along with the Pop Quiz and tell us how you did compared to Zac!