EnderCast Episode #21 – Never Again

EnderCast Episode #21 – Never Again


July 8th, 2013


Ho, Launchies! Only one more show until Kelly and I are podcasting, probably for a six to ten hour episode to alleviate boredom, at Comic Con! (kidding about the length)

Topics for this week:

  • Ender’s Game panel time has been announced and we’re ever so slightly put off that Ender’s Game has to share a short hour with Divergent
  • The Comic Con swag for Ender’s Game looks epic and we shamelessly gush about it all
  • Pretty much the entire cast is descending upon San Diego, some of them to do a signing
  • Early details of ‘Launchies in Line’

We also have a pre-recorded edition of Pop Quiz, Fart Eater for you guys to play along with! Our thanks to Jeannie for coming on and giving it a shot!

We meant to also talk about those poster drafts and set visit reports and some other things, but for some reason our brains just weren’t working right and we forgot. We’ll get to it next week!

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