EnderCast Episode #23 – Ender's Bullies

EnderCast Episode #23 – Ender's Bullies


July 24th, 2013


Ho, Launchies! Yes, we have another new episode for you! This one has a pretty awful intro because I ended up recording it at the airport and I was trying to whisper so that people wouldn’t look at me weird talking about buggers and astronauts. Thankfully, the rest of the audio sounds pretty awesome and we had two really fun guests: cast members Caleb Thaggard (Stilson) and Conor Carroll (Bernard).

As you can imagine, that’s why we called this episode Ender’s Bullies. We’d hoped to have Jimmy Jax Pinchak in this one too, but scheduling just didn’t work out that way. Either way, we had a ton of fun with these two guys just chatting it up about Ender’s Game, Harrison Ford, and chickens.

A brief overview:

  • What did they think about the Ender’s Game Experience?
  • Both guys give us the lowdown on their casting process and how it felt to be cast in the movie
  • We find out who got them to read Ender’s Game
  • We also discover how weird it is that two of the nicest kids we’ve met are cast as bullies and villains all the time!

Big thanks to their moms for being so nice and friendly and letting us bring our silliness into their lives!



  1. A thagg says:

    Your silliness made our weekend epic! Love you gals!!

  2. I loved this!!

    We definitely need a picture of Chewie in a flight suit.

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  4. Dee says:

    Awesome as usual, even the mumblemumble and the tin can at the end!

    Since you were talking about the direction lights (leading people to places, or, as Connor put it, “go go go”) – we DID see them in the trailer. In the scene where Salamander plays baseball, there are moving green lights near the top of the hallway – green for Salamander. And there is this photograph Crystal gook at the experience that has Ender in his launchie yellow flightsuit, standing in front of Graff and Anderson – we see a yellow light path near the top of the wall: yellow for launchies.

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