EnderCast Episode #25 – The Great Invasion

EnderCast Episode #25 – The Great Invasion


August 6th, 2013


Ho, Launchies!

Kelly and I are officially a quarter of a way to 100 episodes! Not that we’re expecting to ever get there but hey, you never know!

This week we’re talking THE GREAT INVASION of interviews, pictures, and videos still pouring out of Comic Con like Formics from a mother ship.

Topics we cover this week:

  • Comic Con recovery
  • Mazer Rackham’s Run video
  • Character banners
  • Battle School recruitment video / IF-BattleSchool.com
  • Battle School challenge
  • Final poster
  • Trailer coming on Tuesday!

The teaser has come out today, so here it is for your viewing pleasure below.


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  2. Kat says:

    What is the music you gals use on the podcast?

  3. I’m kind of late on this comment, but didn’t you notice that the big ship was one of many “big ships” (look carefully in the video) that Mazer would have had to figure out? (I’m only at 7:40 in the podcast, so you might have realized this later)

  4. Sandra says:

    Thanks, Crystal: I want to use it in an upcoming fashion show to set the beat for my models to walk to.