EnderCast Episode #26 – Shoot Straight, Stay Calm

EnderCast Episode #26 – Shoot Straight, Stay Calm


August 8th, 2013


Ho, Launchies! We’ve got a super fun episode for you all today with two special guests Khylin Rhambo (Dink) and Aramis Knight (Bean) here to talk all about the new Ender’s Game trailer that just came out yesterday! Keep reading for details on how you can win something from EnderCast!

Topics included:

  • What was it like for them to finally see all the effects put in?
  • Find out what scene brought tears to Aramis’ eyes
  • Listen to us butcher poor Admiral Chamrajnagar’s name
  • They tell us who are the five seated with Ender on Eros
  • Find out who is the human shield in that brief Battle Room shot

Something that’s definitely NOT to be missed is our very first Pop Quiz, Fart Eater Showdown! That’s right, Aramis and Khylin go head to head and test their Ender’s Game book knowledge. It resulted in what was by far the most hilarious pop quiz we’ve ever done.

The trailer:

Some reference photos:

For 14:00:


For 21:55:


As a bonus to this episode, we’re going to give away 10 static clings from San Diego Comic Con’s Ender’s Game Experience. To enter, simply comment on this episode below. Winners will be drawn at random on August 17, 2013. Thanks for listening and good luck!


  1. there should be a prize for the most creative reason for getting a pop quiz question wrong!

  2. Dee says:

    These guys are determined! Hilarious.

    Also, so the dragons in the battle room scene are Khylin as the shield and Hailee as the shooter. But we still didn’t find out which armies they are battling. I’m gonna go with Tiger and Griffin.

  3. Dee says:

    Also, yay, more farteaters! You guys NEED to update the leaderboard now!

  4. Jonathan says:


  5. Daniel Hall says:

    Thanks for being such a great resource for all us fans! So excited for this movie. I also love how pumped the actors are to see Ender’s Game themselves!

  6. Ian Miller says:

    Great podcast! It was so great to hear that the book was a common touchstone for so many of the actors, especially the young ones. I’m so excited to hear that it was indeed Bean with the tether, and that the scene was a physically gruelling for the actor as it was in the book. (Strange thing to be glad about, I think.)

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  8. samz2 says:

    Great podcast! Love the episodes with guests and Pop Quiz.

  9. fiona says:

    I love this podcast! I seriously can’t wait for Novender!!!!!

  10. Great Khy and Aramis! 🙂 Can’t wait for Ender’s Game! <3

  11. Fabulous job on the podcast. I got SIKOWANALIZE right on the quiz. I wonder if they would have done better if they weren’t so on-the-spot. Nervous maybe? Nah, they would have choked anyway. =]

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  13. Alison says:

    Hilarious. The Audi probably uses grav-lens technology, like from “Earth Afire”. The set sounds awesome.

  14. Kat says:

    So great having Khy and Aramis on the show!

  15. brunamf says:

    One of my favorite episodes so far. The quiz was very funny (“ssssssssalamander”) and it was interesting to know what the actors think about the trailer.

  16. Lauren says:

    Am I the only one who’s tired of seeing Harrison Ford in the trailers? Like, you’re in the movie, we get it. Wish they’d shown a scene of Ender talking to Dragon instead.

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  18. natalie pool says:

    omg ‘ bean has the mind of a child ‘ petra says that lol

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