EnderCast Episode #28 – Salaam

EnderCast Episode #28 – Salaam


August 23rd, 2013


Ho, Launchies! This week we were very happy to have Ender’s Game cast member Suraj Partha (Alai) on our show. Some of the stuff we chatted with him about included:

  • His audition process
  • His first reaction to seeing Sir Ben Kingsley on set
  • The experience at Space Camp, the type of training they did, and bonding with the rest of the cast
  • Discussion on the PG-13 rating
  • What Suraj has been up to lately
  • Find out if he spills the beans on that barf bag we saw at Comic Con

If you are an Amazon Prime member, the episode of Glee we talk about, Pot O’ Gold, is available for free on Amazon.

The cupcakes I mention at the end can be viewed here or below: