EnderCast Episode #29 – Reporting from Battle School

EnderCast Episode #29 – Reporting from Battle School


September 9th, 2013


Ho, launchies! I want to apologize in advance because I didn’t do much editing this time, so there’s coughing and barking. Despite all this, hopefully you guys enjoy Kelly and I talking about various things from set visit reports to spoilers to international posters.

Topic list:

  • Set visit reports are out! (Ender News & EnderWiggin.net)
  • Addressing the nagging fear: What if the movie sucks?
  • The odd feeling of seeing trailers, posters, and “real” Ender’s Game things
  • Ender’s Game ICEEs
  • “Making of” book for Ender’s Game and how we’re going to avoid (or not) spoilers
  • International poster