EnderCast Episode #29 – Reporting from Battle School

EnderCast Episode #29 – Reporting from Battle School


September 9th, 2013


Ho, launchies! I want to apologize in advance because I didn’t do much editing this time, so there’s coughing and barking. Despite all this, hopefully you guys enjoy Kelly and I talking about various things from set visit reports to spoilers to international posters.

Topic list:

  • Set visit reports are out! (Ender News & EnderWiggin.net)
  • Addressing the nagging fear: What if the movie sucks?
  • The odd feeling of seeing trailers, posters, and “real” Ender’s Game things
  • Ender’s Game ICEEs
  • “Making of” book for Ender’s Game and how we’re going to avoid (or not) spoilers
  • International poster



  1. Wow, the premiere is literally around the corner. I mean set visits, countdowns and soon international reviews of the movies (since everyone else will watch it before us). I’ve decided not to review anything until after I’ve watched the movie, or like Crystal said have someone else cover them.
    Crystal this is a question for you, at The Hunger Games premiere (Yes, I was there!) while we were corralled into the Nokia Theater at the soda counter they were giving away these plastic HG cups, did you see them or get one?
    Well, where I’m going with is that when I saw the ICEE cup for EG I was picturing the cups to be similar to the HG cups given at the premiere. I’m sure they’d be souvenir cups so they would be durable.
    Also, the international poster I’m with Kelly. I don’t really like the poster it has a random feeling to it.
    Overall, I enjoyed listening to this weeks episode. ^_^

    • Crystal says:

      Hey Jennifer! Yes, I actually got like 20 cups hahaha! After the movie, the guy at the counter was like “take as many as you want” and so we left with stacks of cups. Sadly, I only have one myself, but it’s a great cup!

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