EnderCast Episode #31 – Null G Beyond This Line

EnderCast Episode #31 – Null G Beyond This Line


September 22nd, 2013


Ho, Launchies! This week, Kelly and I had the pleasure of talking to Ender’s Game stunt coordinator Garrett Warren.

We got the scoop on what was in the clip he showed at his Academy panel Real to Reel on Friday night and got a good healthy dose of excitement over the shower scene.

As a reference, here’s the video that Garrett mentions as being on his “stunt stick”.

Additional topics Kelly and I talk about include:

We’re down to the wire now, Launchies! We’re approaching the 30 day mark and soon we’ll be seeing clips and tv spots and lots of goodness.

Our thanks to Garrett for coming on and talking Ender’s Game with us!