EnderCast Episode #33 – The Future Must Be Won

EnderCast Episode #33 – The Future Must Be Won


October 5th, 2013


Ho, Launchies and welcome to another episode of EnderCast! This week, Kelly and I tackle a slew of topics including:

  • The new IMAX poster
  • The fan collage (which EnderCast was a part of!)
  • Five new images from MTV (check them out below)
  • The cast is touring Europe!
  • Update on the Ender’s Game premiere in Los Angeles

We also continue our rant about lack of ICEEs.

Tomorrow, the fansites will be exclusively debuting the very first clip from Ender’s Game and Kelly and I will be releasing EnderCast Episode 33.5 as well. Stay tuned!

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  1. Jay Walke says:

    “Shoot straight” xD Hello,I’m new the EnderCast. But, what’s the music in the end?

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