EnderCast Episode #35 – Welcome to NovEnder

EnderCast Episode #35 – Welcome to NovEnder


November 1st, 2013


It’s NovEnder 1st, Launchies and Kelly and I are going full-spoiler on this episode, talking about our experience at the red carpet premiere, our thoughts on the movie the first time AND the second time, and why we loved it.

It should be noted there is minor swearing in this episode. And just as a second warning, you should NOT listen to this episode until you see the film!

Other movie topics we discuss:

  • Bonzo and Stilson
  • Ender and Petra
  • The pacing criticism
  • The editing that preserved the twist for new fans

Be sure to watch for ongoing coverage on the film’s release this weekend at EnderWiggin.net and EnderNews.com!


  1. Kat says:

    I love that you guys ended with that song!! I had it running through my head the rest of opening show night and in my dreams haha

  2. Jay Walke says:

    When i first watch the movie, i loved the ending! but, i was a bit annoyed because i kept thinking about the book.
    Now that I’ve got the time to think about the movie, i am liking it more than ever. I can’t wait to go watch it at the cinema again. 🙂

  3. locke64 says:

    is there a list of ‘missing’ scenes anywhere?
    -bonzo standing on table
    -petra at shower door
    -anderson looking at scan of bonzo’s head
    -rackham “we should tell him the truth”

    looking forward to an extended edition!

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