EnderCast Episode #37 – Ender's Game for Sale – SOLD!

EnderCast Episode #37 – Ender's Game for Sale – SOLD!


March 22nd, 2015


Ho, launchies! It’s been just over a year since our last EnderCast episode and we’re not here to talk about happy news. Prop Store is now auctioning off all of the Ender’s Game props and costumes, putting the final nail on the Ender Wiggin movie coffin for us (for now).

For this episode, we talk a bit about what’s been up for sale, what Kelly’s won so far, and then we evasively avoid talking about everything else we want to win. Then we talk to special guest Bart Blackburn about what he won in the auction.

Got any ideas for what we could podcast about going forward? We don’t want it to be over! And yet, our sites were so focused around the movie that we’re clearly in a bit of a rut. Even with such a somber topic, we had fun getting back together again, so hopefully we can do so again soon.

Let us know your thoughts!


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