Here is a full list of our most current episodes.

Episode #1 – Launch

Our first episode, LAUNCH, kicks off EnderCast as we discuss Asa’s age and the first still from the movie.

Recorded on: December 12, 2012

Episode #2 – Year of the Ender

Our last episode of 2012 focused on our marketing predictions and Merchandise We Hope We Never See.

Recorded on: December 28, 2012

Episode #3 – Third

Appropriately titled Third, this episode focused on a review of known movie changes, more girls in Battle School, and the movie’s condensed timeline.

Recorded on: January 31, 2013

Episode #4 – Salamander

Episode 4 brings you a discussion on the army logos and the brand new still!

Recorded on: February 20, 2013

Episode #5 – The End of the World

Our fifth episode, titled THE END OF THE WORLD, focuses entirely on the Orson Scott Card controversy.

Recorded on: March 1, 2013

Episode #6 – Pity Party Games

Originally titled just Games, Episode 6 turned into a pity party about not getting to see the trailer.

Recorded on: March 20, 2013

Episode #7 – The Enemy’s Gate is Down

The poster is here! The poster is here!

Recorded on: March 27, 2013


This episode is dedicated to Valentine’s letter to Ender and discuss birthdays in Ender’s Game.

Recorded on: April 5, 2013

Episode #9 – Ender’s World

We’ve got two special guests David Lubar and Alison Myers, who contributed to Ender’s World.

Recorded on: April 13, 2013

Episode #10 – A New Weapon

Woo hoo, we reached 10 episodes! In this one we talk in depth about the trailer we didn’t get to see!

Recorded on: April 20, 2013

Episode #11 – The Giant’s Drink

CinemaCon interviews galore give us lots to talk about such as the Mind Game and Asa’s secret io9 video.

Recorded on: April 27, 2013

Episode #12 – Ender’s Teacher

Fans get their first look at Mazer Rackham and Kelly and Crystal break down 10 seconds of teaser.

Recorded on: May 4th, 2013

Episode #13 – Veni Vidi Vici

Our cursed episode, which is all about trailer breakdown!

Recorded on: May 11th, 2013

Episode #14 – Ender’s Shadow

Crystal finishes Ender’s Shadow, find out what she thought. Also: crying in theaters and Comic Con panic.

Recorded on: May 19, 2013

Episode #15 – Dragon

Episode 15 focuses on the new promo image, smarty pants kids, and IF-Sentinel.com.

Recorded on: May 24, 2013

Episode #16 – Earth Afire

Kelly and Crystal talk to special guest Aaron W. Johnston, co-author of the Ender’s Game prequel series The First Formic War.

Recorded on: May 30, 2013

Episode #17 – Rabbit Army

Author Hugh Howey chats with Crystal and Kelly about Ender’s Game and the Wool film adaptation.

Recorded on: June 6, 2013

Episode #18 – Graff

Kelly and Crystal welcome special guest Colonel Tom Ruby, retired Air Force colonel and contributor to Ender’s World.

Recorded on: June 15, 2013

Episode #19 – Welcome to Fairyland

Kelly and Crystal welcome special guest Alethia Kontis, author and contributor to Ender’s World.

Recorded on: June 21, 2013

Episode #20 – Countdown to Comic Con

Kelly and Crystal talk to Aidan and Liz about the craziness of Comic Con.

Recorded on: June 29, 2013

Episode #21 – Never Again

Kelly and I continue our Comic Con chatter and forget like half the agenda.

Recorded on: July 5, 2013

Episode #22 – Launchies in Line

Crystal and Kelly record EnderCast while in line for Hall H at San Diego Comic Con.

Recorded on: July 18, 2013

Episode #23 – Ender’s Bullies

Kelly and Crystal interview Caleb Thaggard (Stilson) and Conor Carroll (Bernard).

Recorded on: July 19, 2013

Episode #24 – Return to Battle School

Kelly and Crystal have a record 8 guests from the cast of Ender’s Game in the most epic EnderCast yet!

Recorded on July 20, 2013

Episode #25 – The Great Invasion

Kelly and Crystal talk THE GREAT INVASION of interviews, pictures, and videos still pouring out of Comic Con.

Recorded on: August 3, 2013

Episode #26 – Shoot Straight, Stay Calm

Dink and Bean guest on EnderCast and hilarity ensues.

Recorded on: August 7, 2013

Episode #27 – The Ender Games

Kelly and Crystal talk Hunger Games comparisons with Hunger Games Fireside Chat co-host Adam Spunberg.

Recorded on: August 15, 2013

Episode #28 – Salaam

Kelly and Crystal interview Ender’s Game cast member Suraj Partha (Alai).

Recorded on: August 21, 2013

Episode #29 – Reporting from Battle School

Kelly and Crystal briefly talk set visit and then talk fear of suckage.

Recorded on: September 8, 2013

Episode #30 – Two Hive Queens and a Hegemon

Kelly and Crystal talk to Jimmy Jax Pinchak aka Peter Wiggin.

Recorded on: September 14, 2013